Sri Ranganatha Swamy, Srirangam (DD1)

14 May 2021 Off By oursarathy

Srirangam is one of the most special and endeared temples to Hindus. It is said that the main deity here was prayed by Lord Brahma who passed it on to King Ikshvaku and further, his dynasty continued the daily rituals. One of the last kings of this dynasty was Lord Rama who worshipped Lord Ranganatha at Ayodhya for many years.

After the war at Lanka was over, Lord Rama passed on the idol of Lord Ranganatha to King Vibhishana as a parting gift. On his way back to Lanka, Vibhishana took a short break to perform his evening rituals. When he returned, the idol of the Lord was stuck to the ground. Lord Narayana appeared and informed the King that He has decided to stay back at this place and that HE shall continue to bless the King and His country by facing southern direction – a uniqueness to any Hindu Temple. 

Goddess Ranganayaki is the Lord’s consort and is the presiding deity here. Her shrine is located on the Northern side of the Temple precincts.

There are a total of 54 shrines within the temple premises including that of Lord Narasimha, Lord Rama, Sriman Narayana in the same manner HE is seated at Sri Vaikunta, a shrine for Lord Dhanvantri and Lord Sudarshana. The temple also houses the Sannidhi of Guru Sri Ramanujacharya. 

Chandra Pushkarini is the name of the holy tank here which was established by Lord Chandra.

The Azhwars of the Sri Vaishnava sect, a tradition of the Sanatha Dharma, have sung 4,000 hymns in Tamil language across 108 shrines of Lord Maha Vishnu and these hymns are popularly called as “Naalayira Divya Prabhandam”. The first hymn is sung at Srirangam Temple and all the 12 Azhwars have sung at this holy shrine.

Contrary to belief, an ardent devotee needs at least 3-4 hours to see the entirety of the temple. Do allot at least half a day to immerse yourself in one of the magnificent temple constructions in the world. After all, Srirangam is known to be a Temple City – where the City has been constructed within the temple precincts and not otherwise.

Srirangam is among the “Pancha ranga Sthalams” – Five Abodes of Lord Ranganatha, Sriman Narayana in reclining form on Adisesha. The other four being Adi Rangam (Sri Rangapatna, Mysore, Karnataka), Anbil, Koviladi and Mayavaram.

Here’s a short pravachanam / upanyasam (in Tamil) by Shri. Velukkudi Krishnan about this temple.

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