Sri Thulaseeswarar, Chennai

2 June 2021 0 By oursarathy

Sage Agasthya is considered to have spent a considerable amount of His time in our dravida region, now known as Southern India.

Srimad Bhagavatha Purana refers this part of our Bharatha desa as “Dravida”, thus clarifying that the term doesn’t denote a sect, a caste or a sub-group of people, rather just a geographical region & nothing more.

At the time of prayers to be offered to Lord Shiva, the Sage couldn’t find a temple shrine for the Lord. All He could see was a large expanse of Tulasi Forest. The Sage was worried.

That’s when the Sage found a swayambu Idol – a Shiva Linga amidst the dense tulasi forests here and He was a bit confused since Bilwa leaves are the most preferred for Lord Shiva’s prayers.

Lord Shiva appeared here along with Goddess Parvathi to the Sage amidst the Tulasi Forest and asked Him to offer prayers just here. From then onwards, only Tulasi leaves are offered to Lord Shiva here.

Those with marital issues, health concerns, especially cough & fever may offer their prayers here and seek the blessings of the Lord. Devotees are given Tulasi leaves and Tulasi water. The temple is located around 50 kms from Chennai, on the way from Perungalathur to Oragadam.

Do visit Sri Anandavalli sametha Sri Thulaseeswarar temple soon.