Sri Saneeswarar, Thirukollikadu

22 May 2021 0 By oursarathy

Lord Agni, the deity depicting one of the five elements of Fire was cursed because he was involved in burning the house where the Pandavas resided. He was also cursed by Goddess Parvati for partaking in her father King Dakshan’s yaga in which the King did not invite Her husband Lord Shiva for giving His “aahuti”. Thereafter, Agni prayed to Lord Shiva to grant him mercy and thereby Lord shiva ascended at this shrine to bless him. The main deities here are revered as Sri Agniswarar and Goddess Mridupaadanayagi, the one with soft feet.

In another Legend, Lord Shani was very upset because everyone blamed Him for their misfortunes due to His slow 7 ½ years’ transit. He prayed to Lord Shiva at this shrine and requested that he should not be blamed by anyone, rather He was simply discharging His duties of rewarding and punishing those based on their karmas. Lord Shiva bless Lord Shani here and also gave him the surname to include “Shaniswara”. Lord Shani is the only planet to have the tag of “Easwaran”.

During one’s lifetime, a native goes through 3 transits of Lord Shani, who visits the Janma Rasi every 30 years, assuming a 100-year lifetime. The first transit is known as Mangu Shani, second is Pongu Shani and the third is Ashtama Shani. The malefic effects of the transit are more of less the same during each phase but Lord Shani as most people believe doesn’t punish anyone at His own will, rather teaches the native about his / her misdeeds and the effects thereafter. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Therefore, it is advised to visit this shrine and seek the diving blessings of Lord Shani especially when one is going through the second transit – Pongu Shani (typically when one is between 30 – 50 years age). Lord Shani’s effects are also directly based on one’s birth chart (horoscope) and it is said that during this phase, after making one go through tremendous lessons, Lord Shani leaves behind a bounty – Pongu in Tamil means to keep growing.

About Lord Shani

Lord Sri Shaneeswara is one among the Nine Planets, depicts the planet Saturn and holds a unique significance for being the one who moves the slowest – once in 7 ½ years from each Rasi – 2 ½ years before and after one’s Janma Rasi and 2 ½ years in the Janma Rasi. He takes 30 years to orbit around the sun and is hence expected to pass through each individual three times in their life, assuming one would live 100 years. His actual name is “Shanaischaran” or the one who moves slowly ever since one of his legs was broken after a curse by His mother.

Lord Surya’s wife was Sandna. Since she couldn’t bear a child due to the extreme brightness of her husband, she created a clone of her by the name Chaaya (meaning shadow) and went to perform penance in the Himalayas. One day, when little Shani was hungry, he pleaded His mother to give Him food, but she delayed it, saying she would first offer it to the Gods. Enraged, Shani kicked His mother with His legs and hence Chaaya Devi cursed that his leg be broken. When Shani went to his father Lord Surya, he was surprised how one’s Mother can be so cruel and can curse her own son. That is when he found out that Chaaya was not the real mother although her curse would remain afflicted on Lord Shani.

Lord Shani is the brother of the deity of death and justice, Lord Yama. It is said that Lord Shani teaches fitting lessons to each one’s misdeeds during their lifetime while Lord Yama teaches their lesson after their death in His Yama Loka. Lord Shani is a planet who is extremely just and disciplined and guides everyone to lead a clear life and afflicts harm on them until they learn by their own misdeeds, again and again. He is married to Sri Neela Devi and Sri Manda and has two sons, Khulikai and Maandhi.