Sri Pudarikakshan, Thiruvellarai (DD4)

16 May 2021 0 By oursarathy

King Shibi, one of the rulers of the “Ikshvaku” dynasty of the Surya vamsa, to which Lord Rama belongs to was once hunting. He saw a “white pig” running around here and there. He ordered his soldiers to capture the animal which gave them all a miss and went hiding in to an anthill. Sage Markandeya, who was performing penance close by advised the King to offer Milk to the anthill as “abhisheka”.

From the anthill emerged Lord Sri Pundarikakshan and remained here ever after. In the main sanctum sanctorum, one can see the idols of Lord Pundarikaksha, Goddess Mahalakshmi, Sage Markandeya, Surya and Chadra Devathas and most importantly, Garuda and Adiseshas – who are eternal bitter enemies and keep fighting all the time.

This signifies that any kind of bitterness between people, any form of enmity or aggressing will be resolved the devotees blessed when they visit this temple and pray whole heartedly to the Lord.

There are seven ponds around this temple and among one of the ponds was thus born Goddess Mahalakshmi who performed penance and married the Lord here. A notable pond here is the “Swastika Tank”, a maze like structure, which has been constructed in so manner that no one can see those taking bath on the other parts of the pond. Such is the architecture that is colloquially known as the “Daughter in-law – Mother in-law” tank that each other wouldn’t know who is doing what on the other side.

Like a few other temples at Kumbakonam and Kanchipuram, this temple too has too main doors – Dakshinayina Dwara and Uttaraya Dwaara which are opened at the beginning of each of the “ayanas”.

As per the puranas, one “ayana” spread over 180 days is forenoon or afternoon for the Devathas. Uttarayana (which begins on the Makara Sankranthi day in the calendar month of January) is the first day of this period and is considered the morning for the Devathas and therefore the months of April & May get very hot signifying peak day time for them. The last day of Dakshinayana (and the Hindu month of Margasirsha) is the end of night time for the Devathas and hence the temperature is very cold.

Here’s a short pravachanam / upanyasam (in Tamil) by Shri. Velukkudi Krishnan about this temple.

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Moolavar: Sri Pundarikakshan

Form: Standing posture facing East

Utsavar: Sri Pundarikakshan

Consort: Sri Pankayaselvi, Sri Shenbagavalli

Vimanan: Vimalakriti Vimanam

Seven theerthams: Kusa, Manikarnika, Chakra, Pushkala, Varaha, Kandakasheera, Padma

Sthala Vruksham: N/A

Mangalashasanam: Periazhwar & Thirumangai Azhwar

Nearest Airport (TRI) – Tiruchirapalli

Rail head – Tiruchirapalli Junction, Srirangam Railway station

Bus Terminus –Tiruchirapalli, Srirangam

State – Tamil Nadu

Preferred days of Visit: All days being a temple which is older than Srirangam

Key festivals: Margasirsha Month, Chaitra Month, Phalguna Month