Sri Mahalakshmi, Kolhapur

21 May 2021 0 By oursarathy

When Goddess Mahalakshmi got angry at Sriman Narayana’s benevolence towards Sage Brighu who kicked the Lord’s chest where SHE resides eternally, She left to Bhooloka to do penance.

The place where she did Her penance was known as Karaveerapuram, now popularly known as Kolhapur. Click “play” on the Video to view Her Mangala Arathi. Video credit to Shree Ambabai Mahalaxmi Shreesevak Trust.

To rescue Her, the Lord came to Earth as Srinivasa. However, HE didn’t marry this “Mahalakshmi”, rather HE married an incarnation of Goddess Mahalakshmi who was born as Sri Padmavathi alias Sri Vedavathi, daughter of King Aakasha Raja during the 28th Kaliyuga (the present one), Vilambinaama Samvatsara, Uttaraayana, Vasantha Ruthu, Vaisakha Maasa, Sukla paksha (bright fortnight), Dasami Thithi (10th lunar day), Bhargava Vaasara (Friday) which happens to be today – Friday, 21 May 2021.

The wedding happened at Narayanavanam, now known as Narayanapuram, which is located around 5kms from Puttur while travelling from Chennai to Tirupati.

Most devotees miss visiting this temple, where Goddess Padmavathi was found on a Lotus (Padma Flower) pond by the King who raised Her.

When Goddess Mahalakshmi at Kolhapur learned about HIS celestial marriage to Padmavathi, She too arrived at “Tirumala” and both the forms of Goddess Lakshmi entered the Lord to became one amd reside in HIs Golden heart.

Lakshmi Nivasa niravadya gunaika sindho
Samsara sagara samuttaranaika seto
Vedanta vedya nijavaibhava bhakta bhogya
Sri Venkatachalapate tava suprabhatam.

Meaning : O Lord the abode of Lakhmi, the ocean of good qualities, the only boat to cross the ocean of Samsara, the true knowledge sought by Vedanta(Upanishads), the lord of ture glory enjoyed by devotees,glory to you

Hence, we do not find a separate shrine for Goddess Lakshmi at Tirumala – a unique feature across any Temple of Lord Maha Vishnu in any incarnation or form.