Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy, Sinigirikona

23 May 2021 0 By oursarathy

The Eastern Ghats start from tamil Nadu, pass through Andhra & Telangana and terminate at Odisha. Along these ghats (mountains) are located some very famous temple shrines such as Tirumala Tirupati, Ahobilam, Srisailam to name a few. Among the less popular ones is this temple at Singirikona.

On the way from to Tirupati from Chennai, right after Narayanavam, the place where Goddess Padmavati was born to the King Akasa Raja, up in the hills is Sinigirikona. Singam – Singiri – Lion + Hills & Kona – meaning a corner, where the temple is located.

A very interesting aspect of this temple is that this is perhaps the only abode of Lord Narasimha where HE is seen standing and that too with both HIS consorts. A very rare visual to see.

The temple history or the puranic inference is NIL. It is said that this is a swayam-vyaktha kshetram, that is the Lord arrived here by Himself. Quite possible as the same mountain range passes all the way up north until the Ahobilam mountain ranges.

The main temple has been recently renovated and is maintained by a few locals and there is a pond at the foothill from where one has to climb a short ascent to visit the Lord. The source of water that reaches the pond is unknown but is said to be very sweet and fresh.

The route towards the temple passes through dense forests and one may lose patience midway while driving for 30 minutes within the hills. Don’t give up and drive all the way to visit and to seek the Blessing of the Lord Almighty.