Sri Gajendra Varadan, Kapisthalam (DD9)

24 May 2021 Off By oursarathy

Among the five Sri Krishna Kshetrams, Thirukannapuram, Thirukannangudi, Thirukovilur, Thirukannamangai, and this temple, Thirukavithalam.

Kavis – meaning scholars who prayed the Lord.

Kapi means Monkey. Lord Hanuman, during Treta Yuga, performed penance here and wanted to witness Gajendra Moksha which occurred during the Krita Yuga.

Like in Srirangam, this temple is surrounded on both sides by Kollidam & Kaveri rivers.

King Indradhyumna was cursed by Sage Durvasa and Agasthya and was born as an Elephant. One day, the elephant was caught by a crocodile inside the water and fought for a 1,000 years. All along, the Elephant thought he could win the fight with all his might but finally realised he cannot do nothing without HIS grace. That’s when he calls for the lord as “Adi Moolame” and that’s when the Lord arrived in His Garuda and swung his Sudarshana Chakra to kill the Crocodile and rescued the elephant.

The event – Gajendra Moksham is said to have occurred at Buxor, Sonepur in Bihar, but since Lord Hanuman wanted to witness it here, the Lord performed the act once again to bless his ardent devotee.

Here’s a short pravachanam / upanyasam (in Tamil) by Shri. Velukkudi Krishnan about this temple.

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Moolavar: Sri Adimoola Perumal

Form: Bhujanga sayanam (sleeping posture) facing East

Utsavar: Sri Gajendravaradan| Consort: Sri Ramamnivalli, Sri Potramaraiyal

Vimanan: Gaganakruthi Vimanam

Theertham: Gajendra Pushkarini

Sthala Vruksham: N/A

Mangalashasanam: Thirumazhisai Azhwar.

Nearest Airport (TRI) – Tiruchirapalli | Rail head – Kumbakonam / Thanjavur Railway station | Bus Terminus – Kumbakonam / Thanjavur | State – Tamil Nadu

Preferred days of Visit: Friday and Saturday

Key festivals: Margasirsha Month, Chaitra Month, Phalguna Month