Sri Appakudathan, Koviladi (DD 6)

16 May 2021 Off By oursarathy

King Upamanya was used to feeding people in his kingdom and continued this practive for many years. This was due to a curse by Sage Durvasa.

One day, a man came seeking alms and completed all the food that was prepared for distribution to devotees. Still not satiated with his hunger, he asked the King to prepare “Appams” – a form of pancake made with batter to satisfy his hunger. Along with the vessel carrying the appams, the man laid down with the vessel on his hand. And Lord Appakudathan appeared in front of the King and absolved him of all his curses.

Till date, Appam is offered to the Lord every evening and thereafter to devotees who visit the temple. If you wish to have a portion of this blessing, then be at the temple precincts by 5pm.

On His left hand, the Lord is showing a yoga mudra which has an interesting story.

Once, Goddess Mahalakshmi wanted to wear “Parijatha” Flowers which were grown in the Indra loka. When asked by the Lord, Indra refused to part with the flower and instead, showered the Indrabhaana (arrow) which the Lord plucked with his two fingers and taught a fitting lesson to Lord Indra.

Nammazhwar sang his lord “pathigam” here before attaining Mukthi.

The temple is on the other side of Cauvery where “Anbil” temple is located.

Appakudathan Temple is among the “Pancha ranga Sthalams” – Five Abodes of Lord Ranganatha, Sriman Narayana in reclining form on Adisesha. The other four being Adi Rangam (Sri Rangapatna, Mysore, Karnataka), Srirangam, Anbil and Mayavaram.

Here’s a short pravachanam / upanyasam (in Tamil) by Shri. Velukkudi Krishnan about this temple.


If you would like to visit Appakudathan, Srirangam, Uttamar Koil, Woraiyur, Thiruvellarai, Anbil  and a few other surrounding temples – all within a 25 kms distance and would take just 2 days, then please do reach out to us and we shall be blessed to organise a trip for you, your family or your friends, relatives & guests.

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Moolavar: Sri Appalarangan

Form: Bhujangasayanam, lying on Adisesha (celestial serpent) facing West

Utsavar: Sri Appalarangan

Consort: Sri Kamalavalli, Sri Indradevi

Vimanan: Indra Vimanam

Theertham: Indra Theertham

Sthala Vruksham: N/A

Mangalashasanam: Thirumangai Azhwar,Nammazhwar, Periazhwar & Thirumazhisai Azhwar

Nearest Airport (TRI) – Tiruchirapalli | Rail head – Tiruchirapalli Junction, Srirangam Railway station | Bus Terminus –Tiruchirapalli, Srirangam | State – Tamil Nadu

Preferred days of Visit: Friday and Saturday

Key festivals: Margasirsha Month, Chaitra Month, Phalguna Month