Kambada Narasimha Swamy Temple, Kasavanhalli.

1 June 2021 0 By oursarathy

There are two idols of Lord Narasimha here and one is made by Bhakta Prahlad himself which is Lord Narasimha made of sand. The second one is Shyamraj which was made by Lord Brahma himself. It is made of stone and looks very much like the other idol of Lord Narasimha.

It is said that there was an Ashram ( Hermitage ) on the bank of river Bhima in the Nira-Narasinhapur. Sati Kayadhu, one of the wives of King Hiranyakashipu delivered a baby here in this Ashram and Prahlada was born. At that time, Prahlada made penance near the conflunce of rivers Nira and Bhima. He made an idol of Lord Narasinha in sand and he devoted himself in Lord Narasimha.

This Idol of Lord Narasimha which was made by Prahlada is now in the main temple. It sits on the throne and the Lord’s face is towards the west. It is totally made of sand. The Right hand of the idol is on the right knee and left hand is on the wrist. The Lord’s face looks like a lion.

There is a scientific importance about the place Nira-Narasinhpur. Scientists had studied about this area and it is said that Nira-Narsinhpur is the Middle Place of the Earth.

In the past, Lord Sri Ramachandra started his holy yatras after killing King Ravana as advised by Sage Agasthya.

As the place is very quiet and a beautiful religious place, many Sages came here to do penance. It is said that Sage Vyasa also stayed here for some time. It is also the family Deity of the Emperor of the Vijayanagar Kingdom and have maintained it very well.

There are some strong evidences available which show that “Swami Samarth Ramdas” visited here around the year of 1553, when he and his followers wanted to go to Pali from Pandharpur. They came here instead and performed their Pooja here in Nira-Narasinhpur.