About Sarathy

Lord Sarathy, Sri Krishna, guides us to Mukthi through HIS Bhagavad Gita.

Your Sarathy aims to take devotees to HIS abodes.

Sarathy was initially planned as a Travel Agency to guide pilgrims visit their favourite temples.

However, we realised that most people were not only aware how to go (road routes / temple timings, etc.) but also why to visit a particular temple. While Lord resides in the form of a stone across millions of shrines, there is a particular significance to every temple as such. To understand and decipher the purpose of the Lord’s decision to appear in a particular form to another Lord or a Sage or for a mere mortal – would take us many lifetimes to comprehend.

Hence, we added to our kitty of services, Astrological predictions and the subsequent Pariharas (remedies) which are to be undertaken.

So, now – Your Sarathy will assist you through most competent Astrolgers, to find out your past and future with their predictions, to arrange pujas and rituals for you and your family and finally to assist you in your travel to such places including a safe and comfortable stay coupled with pure Saatvik home made food which would come from the houses of Prohits (priests).

On top of all this, Sarathy is a platform to explore information about temples across India and to plan your vacations and your free time to visit these places.

You may reach us over phone at +91 91763 000 58 and by email – ChiefSarathy@OurSarathy.com