Sri Hara Vimochana Perumal, Thirukandiyur (DD 7)

24 May 2021 0 By oursarathy

When Lord Shiva became arrogant of His divine powers, He plucked one of the heads of Lord Brahma who had in fact created Him. The skull of Lord Brahma got stuck to His hands and when He realised His folly, He prayed to Lord Vishnu who absolved Lord Shiva of His curse here.

Kandi – Kanti – Kantha – Neelakantha – , one who consumed the alakaala poison – Lord Shiva, thus the name of the town (in Tamil language).

The temple is also called as Pancha-Kalama Kshetram – the place with 5 Lotus names.

The presiding deity here is called Lord Kamalanatha Swamy, Goddess Kamalavalli, the tank here is Kamala Pushkarini, the tower is called Kamalakruti Vimana and Kamala Kshetra, meaning the place itself was filled with Lotus flowers.

Also, King Mahabali is said to have prayed the Lord here, hence His name is Sri Balinatha Perumal.

There is a huge idol of Lord Sri Sudarshana Swamy with Lord Sri Narasimha on the other side.

Here’s a short pravachanam / upanyasam (in Tamil) by Shri. Velukkudi Krishnan about this temple.

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Moolavar: Sri Hara Shapavimochana Perumal, Balinatha Perumal

Form: Standing posture facing East

Utsavar: Sri Kamalanathan

Consort: Sri Kamalavalli

Vimanan: Kamalakruti Vimanam

Theertham: Kamala Theertham

Sthala Vruksham: N/A

Mangalashasanam: Thirumangai Azhwar.

Nearest Airport (TRI) – Tiruchirapalli

Rail head – Kumbakonam / Thanjavur Railway station

Bus Terminus – Kumbakonam / Thanjavur | State – Tamil Nadu

Preferred days of Visit: Friday and Saturday

Key festivals: Margasirsha Month, Chaitra Month, Phalguna Month